Cancellations Due to COVID-19

All concerts cancelled for the rest of the 2019-20 Season.

Ticket Holders

We offer current ticket holders a ticket exchange voucher to use next season. But, as with most non-profit arts organizations, our budget is tight and we operate with marginal leeway, therefore, we humbly ask that you consider donating those tickets back to help offset the lost revenue due to the cancellations. If you do choose to donate, we will provide you a cash donation receipt. Please contact us to let us know your preference.

We are all filled with uncertainty and anxiety during this unprecedented time. Your help and support has been and will continue to be critical in making it through this challenging period.  Rest assured that the Little Rock Winds is committed to serving our community and will be as flexible as possible for a safe and successful reopening in 2020-21 with a concert season that will be better than ever.